Star City Soccer Academy

The Star City Soccer Academy and Valley United have teamed up to create a partnership that provides the best environment possible for youth players. Our combined resources make us the largest youth academy in Southwest Virginia.


The Academy training curriculum uses 2v2 scenarios at U8 and 3v3 scenarios at U10 to emphasize the development of the player’s skill and decision-making capabilities. Once they have been introduced to the foundational techniques of the game through dribbling instruction and possession rondos, these small ratios provide the best environment for young players to get a high number of repetitions in small sided game environments. 

Our philosophy maintains that competitive environments of 5v5 at U8 and 7v7 at U10 are most appropriate for these ages. The focus on these game environments is an extension of the training environment emphasizing basic tactics and principles of play while prioritizing individual player development. 

We push players to be their best. That means that we do not restrict them based on age. Integrating younger players with older groups at the appropriate time is a key aspect of player development.
All players abide by the four parts that make up our Academy Code of Conduct:

  1. I will listen to the coach.
  2. I will try my best.
  3. I want to be a good teammate.
  4. I want to learn and improve.

The Academy Way

The Academy logo shows a chess board and a queen's crown. Both of these symbols have significant meaning to the “Academy Way” of developing young players.

  • Chess Board - Our training curriculum and game environments are set up to develop "thinking players" who are able to see and process the game as problem solvers.
  • Queen's Crown – We develop dynamic players who have technical ability with the ball. Just as a queen has the mobility to control the chess board, we want players to have the ability to control the soccer field through their dribbling, passing, touch, and smart decisions.